Why support Reform?

The collapse in public finances has increased the desire to fund new thinking.  Reform operates in a competitive marketplace and we understand that it is our good work alone that will secure support. Over the last 11 years Reform has become one of London’s leading think tanks. Our network is stronger than ever and our events are having their greatest impact yet. 

Reform’s work in 2014 will generate new thought on key areas of public policy and the right balance between government and individual.

None of our research is funded by either companies or individuals so that it remains truly independent.  Our non-party approach is reflected in our cross-party Advisory BoardReform is also an independent charity. You can download Reform's Annual Review here.

We believe that there has been policy failure in relation to public services over a period of years under all governments, and we want to persuade all parties that there is a better way.

You can support Reform as an individual or corporate. If you would like to discuss a donation please do not hesitate to contact us.

Andrew Haldenby - Director