Race Plan

April 2014

Jeremy Browne MP

Wealth and power is moving beyond the industrialised west and to emerging...(continued)

Tags: Economy

The debt ratchet

March 2014


Reform paper on the public finances and the fiscal framework.

Tags: James Zuccollo, Clare Fraser, Cathy Corrie, Economy

Mind the (fiscal) gap

November 2013


Reform paper on direct taxes, public debt and population ageing

Tags: Economy, Patrick Nolan, Clare Fraser

Delivering the UK export ambition

November 2013


Reform argues that new ambition is needed to meet £1 trillion Government export target

Tags: Economy, Lauren Thorpe, Clare Fraser, export ambition,

Kick-starting growth

August 2013


Reform argues that monetary policy must be eased to generate growth.

Tags: Economy, James Zuccollo, Patrick Nolan

Not just a crash diet: Improving public...

March 2013


This report on the UK's finances emphasises that the problems facing the economy are structural and require structural solutions. Crash diets do not work.

Tags: fiscal challenge, structural, cyclical, Economy,

Long-term fiscal sustainability

December 2012


A short paper on the UK’s long-term fiscal sustainability. In it Reform calls for a redesign of the debt rule, drawing on the experience of other countries.

Tags: Economy

The Austerity Debates

July 2012


Review document from Reform's series of Austerity Debates in July 2012.

Tags: Economy

Building confidence in infrastructure

July 2012


The brochure, transcript and slides from Reform's conference on "Building confidence in infrastructure" held on 14 June

Tags: Infrastructure, investment, growth, Economy

Not just "how" but "why": A personal reflection...

June 2012


This pamphlet written by Will Morris discusses the state of business ethics today and how they can be strengthened.

Tags: Business, Ethics, Economy, Andrew Haldenby

The long game: Increasing UK economic growth

November 2011


Reform's new report on growth and the economic recovery.

Tags: Economy, Andrew Haldenby, Patrick Nolan, Will Tanner,