Race Plan

April 2014


Reform has published Jeremy Browne MP’s latest book, Race Plan: An authentic liberal plan to get Britain fit for 'The Global Race'. After witnessing economic development in China, India and elsewhere, Browne argues that if our economic race is to succeed, Britain needs a race plan.

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The debt ratchet

March 2014


Reform paper on the public finances and the fiscal framework.

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Mind the (fiscal) gap

November 2013


Reform paper on direct taxes, public debt and population ageing

Tags: Economy, Patrick Nolan, Clare Fraser

Delivering the UK export ambition

November 2013


Reform argues that new ambition is needed to meet £1 trillion Government export target

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Kick-starting growth

August 2013


Reform argues that monetary policy must be eased to generate growth.

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Not just a crash diet: Improving public...

March 2013


This report on the UK's finances emphasises that the problems facing the economy are structural and require structural solutions. Crash diets do not work.

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Long-term fiscal sustainability

December 2012


A short paper on the UK’s long-term fiscal sustainability. In it Reform calls for a redesign of the debt rule, drawing on the experience of other countries.

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The Austerity Debates

July 2012


Review document from Reform's series of Austerity Debates in July 2012.

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Building confidence in infrastructure

July 2012


The brochure, transcript and slides from Reform's conference on "Building confidence in infrastructure" held on 14 June

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Not just "how" but "why": A personal reflection...

June 2012


This pamphlet written by Will Morris discusses the state of business ethics today and how they can be strengthened.

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The long game: Increasing UK economic growth

November 2011


Reform's new report on growth and the economic recovery.

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