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The front line

December 2009


Reform's report argues that the front line of public services needs to change to tackle the deficit.

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Reform's road to ruin

14 October 2009

Left Foot Forward, Rupert Read

Tags: Economy, Lucy Parsons

Road to recovery

October 2009

Reform's report on the future of UK infrastructure

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What do the Tories need to say about cuts?

17 September 2009

ConservativeHome, Tim Montgomerie

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Letter to The Times

03 September 2009


Greg Rosen, Lucy Parsons and Andrew Haldenby

Tags: Government, Greg Rosen, Lucy Parsons, Andrew Haldenby

Back to black

April 2009


Reform's Budget 2009 paper

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Fit for purpose

March 2009

Reform's proposals for Civil Service reform. The report examines international systems to see what lessons Whitehall can learn.

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The hole we are in and how to get out of...

November 2008

Reform's look at the public finances, exploring the dangers of fiscal stimulus and examining how a programme of public sector reform, combined with increased productivity in the private sector and for individuals, will lead the way out of recession.

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Financial capability can deliver social...

November 2008

A response to a Reform seminar on financial capability and social mobility with Chris Grayling MP, Shadow Work and Pensions Secretary.

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The lawful society

September 2008


The report finds that the British public have become "passive bystanders", uninformed about crime and unlikely to participate in maintaining justice.

Tags: Andrew Haldenby, Lucy Parsons, criminal justice

Shifting the unequal state: From public...

April 2008


The report shows that the UK is the "divided society" of Europe. This not only has a negative social impact but a large economic cost of wasted talent - up to £32bn per year or £1,300 for each household.

Tags: Economy, Andrew Haldenby, Lucy Parsons