Key to overcoming some of the biggest issues facing modern Britain, the education sector must continue to reform. From determining the right balance between school autonomy and central oversight, to finding ways that education can provide a pathway for all children to achieve their potential, informed research and discussions are needed to make headway.

Adult education and continuous skills development is also increasingly crucial as the labour market is transforming, meaning that education reform will be necessary across all age groups.



North/South divide in 15 best and worst Local Authority schools, finds think tank

14 of the 15 worst performing Local Authority schools examined against the ‘Progress 8’ measure are in the North of England. Whilst 14 of the 15 best performing schools against the same measure are in London, according to analysis by the Reform think tank.

Commenting, Dr Luke Heselwood, Reform education lead, said:

“This North/South divide among the 15 best and worst performing Local Authority schools, gives a glimpse of the opportunity differential up and down the country.

“If the Government wants to bolster the attainment of poor performing students, the money promised to schools over the next three years must be targeted at the most disadvantaged, where it is needed most. Boosting cash incentives for the best teachers who move to the worst performing schools is also a must.

“Acting now will mean that more children get the best possible education and start in life.”