Sponsorship of events and research

We pride ourselves on the quality of the work we deliver. It generates policy ideas and pushes the debate forward. It reaches leaders across government, parliament, public services and other expert groups. 

We welcome the chance to work with partners, who can bring deep expertise and contribute to the policy debate. There are opportunities to sponsor work in our events and/or research programme. 

We will work closely with you to tailor opportunities to work together based on the needs of your organisation. For example, we can work with you on a single project or can devise a whole programme of work. 

See below for the kinds of projects we can work together on. This list isn't exhaustive so do get in touch if there are other projects you'd like to discuss. 

  • You can sponsor a roundtable which brings together around 20 - 25 policy experts to discuss a key policy topic related to public services
  • You can sponsor a panel event, with four expert speakers and around 80 - 100 attendees 
  • You can sponsor a panel at one of our conferences, a half-day event focused on issues around a key policy sector or cross-cutting theme, with around 200 people in attendance
  • You can sponsor a short research project with Reform

All of Reform's work is carried out independently. To find out more about this and how we work with our partners, click here

If you're interested in finding out more about how to partner with us, get in touch with Reform's Director Charlotte Pickles at charlotte.pickles@reform.uk or 020 7799 6699.