Reform statement: The Care Quality Commission’s annual ‘State of Care’ report

Commenting on today’s report, Maisie Borrows, Research Manager at Reform, said:

“Whilst the report sheds light on an unwelcome “integration lottery” in local health and care systems, it also highlights the positive role of technology in accelerating joined up care. Integrated care records enabling effective data sharing are fundamental to this, improving care quality and reducing unnecessary admissions – a win-win for service users and providers, which we need to see more of.”

This statement was covered in Pharmafield and Public Sector Executive

Notes to editors

  1. Reform has found that sharing data digitally between GPs and hospitals can enable early identification of patients most at risk of hospital admission, reducing unnecessary admissions by up to 30 per cent in Somerset.
  2. Reform is an independent, non-party, charitable think tank whose mission is to set out a better way to deliver public services and economic prosperity.