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The Telegraph, 8 March 2017

Andrew Haldenby wrote an article for the Telegraph in response to the Budget on the previous day. He wrote: “Philip Hammond concluded his Budget speech by saying that he would ‘back’ public services. That is not the same as writing them a blank cheque. The right way to do it is to help public services turn into the modern, efficient, capable organisations that citizens want.”  

Read the full article here.

The Times, 7 March 2017

William Mosseri-Marlio, Research Manager at Reform, wrote an article for The Times Red Box ahead of the Budget tomorrow. Although the country is on track to deliver a surplus by the next Parliament, more difficult times lie ahead. As the ageing population grows, this will only put more strain on public services including social security, the NHS and long-term care. However, the Government looks like it is doing something about it, with an expected review on social care funding to be announced and a re-think on the pension triple lock. The only thing left to tackle is the NHS, the single biggest threat to the country's long-term fiscal position.

"Structural reform is a thankless political task. The pain is acute, and future chancellors enjoy the benefits. Anyone with a spreadsheet, however, can see that inertia isn’t an option."  

Read the full article here.

BBC Radio Gloucestershire, 6 March 2017

Alexander Hitchcock, Senior Researcher at Reform, appeared on BBC Radio Gloucestershire, to discuss the benefits of larger GPs for patient care and taxpayers. He argued that larger GP surgeries are the "future" and would better suit the needs of the public today. Listen to the full programme here.

The Economist, 3 March 2017

In a major article on the NHS and social care, the Economist made a number of references to Reform’s recent health research, Saving STPs. Achieving meaningful health and social care reform.

The article says: “After a decade of free spending under Labour and nearly as long a period of austerity under the Tories, it seems that Mr Hammond and Theresa May, the prime minister, are considering big reforms. With cuts to social care causing such problems for the NHS, the most radical idea is to change how it is paid for, either to a form of social insurance or to a levy on inherited wealth, says Andrew Haldenby of Reform, a think-tank. Both would overturn 70 years of thinking about how the welfare state should be financed. As Mr Haldenby asks, ‘Who would have thought that Theresa May and Philip Hammond were welfare-state revolutionaries?’.”  

Read the full article here.

The Daily Telegraph, 27 February 2017

Andrew Haldenby authored an op-ed in which he argued that stop-gap solutions, whether proposed by the Chancellor or the Public Accounts Committee, are not the answer to the problems of the NHS. He referred to Reform‘s recent report, Saving STPs. Achieving meaningful health and social care reform.

"The great danger is that the NHS is regarded with such universal veneration that, while everyone can see it is in deep trouble, no one will commit the blasphemy of doing anything fundamental about it."  

The article is available here.

Big Data in government conference: media coverage

Reform held a conference in February 2017 exploring the opportunities and challenges of Big Data in government. John Manzoni, Chief Executive of the UK Civil Service and Permanent Secretary of the Cabinet Office, gave the keynote speech on the subject. It received the following coverage in the media.

 Civil Service World "Speaking on Tuesday at a conference on big data use in government, organised by the Reform think tank, John Manzoni said that gaining and retaining public trust was “absolutely critical to achieving our ambition of a data-driven government”." Read the full article here.

Computer Weekly "Speaking at think tank Reform’s conference on big data, Manzoni said  “data is at the heart of 21st century government” and that Whitehall and the wider public sector need to “use it properly”." Read the full article here.

Public Technology This article gives an overview of the main themes that emerged from the conference. Read the full article here.

Public Technology This article gives an overview of the key themes that emerged from the keynote speech made by John Manzoni, Chief Executive of the Civil Service and Permanent Secretary of the Cabinet Office. Read the full article here.

Government Computing "In a speech delivered to the Reform think tank, Manzoni set out the government’s long-held ambitions to ensure what it described as the “proper use” of the enormous quantities of data that it holds." Read the full article here.

UKA This article looks at the potential of Big Data in justice, a topic that was explored at the conference. Read the full article here.

BBC Radio 4 Profile, 18 February 2017

Andrew Haldenby appeared on the Radio 4 programme which presented a short biography of Liz Truss MP, Reform’s former deputy director. The full interview is available here.

BBC News Online, 17 February 2017

In a report on the possibility of extending NHS charging, Nick Triggle referred to Reform’s 2013 paper, The cost of our health: charging in healthcare.  

Read the full article here.