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Daily Politics Show, 9 January 2017

Andrew Haldenby, Director of Reform, appeared on BBC 2's Daily Politics to discuss the NHS and future spending. He argued that change is needed in the NHS with a new way of doing things being crucial. Currently, it is making poor use of the money it gets and there is a great strain on hospitals because patients are encouraged to go to A&E. Giving the NHS a windfall of money would mean the NHS would not feel the need to make the larger changes needed. Watch the full programme here. Watch Andrew's soapbox video created for the BBC here

Reform's soapbox video for BBC Daily Politics

Andrew Haldenby, Director of Reform, made a soapbox video for the BBC 2's Daily Politics ahead of his interview on the programme that took place on Monday 9 January on the same theme. He argued that "new ideas" are needed in the NHS, not just more money. He highlighted the work that Babylon Health is doing. Their app is delivering quality healthcare much faster for their patients, offering online consultations, and also using artificial intelligence to focus on prevention of ill-health as well.

Watch the full video here