Digital public services

Digital technologies and the (better) use of data are enablers of public service reform. They have the potential to improve the efficiency, quality and effectiveness of services if appropriately integrated into a transformation agenda. Combining data with analytics can, for example, allow a better understanding of population needs and help design and deliver services accordingly.

Different types of technologies can be used to make processes more efficient by reducing the administrative burden on public sector staff and reduce waiting times for citizens. Reform will explore how the use of data and digital technologies can help deliver increased value for money in public services.


16th August 2018

Sharing the benefits: how to use data effectively in the public sector

This report demonstrates the potential of data sharing to transform the delivery of public services and improve outcomes for citizens. It explores how government can overcome various challenges to ‘get data right’ and enable better use of personal data within and between public-sector organisations.

Watch our video for a short overview of the report:


Public Finance, 9 November 2018

Public Finance wrote an article covering the Healthcare: unblocked 2018 conference which Eleonora Harwich, Director of Research and Head of Digital and Tech Innovation, spoke at. The article included a quote from Eleonora:

Eleonora Harwich, director of research at the Reform think-tank, said: “The efficiency gains can improve cost effectiveness.”

She added: “I see opportunity [for blockchain in the NHS] but there are basic things that need to be put right before blockhain can flourish”.