Health and social care

Measuring the viability of the NHS and social care through the lens of funding growth provides a partial picture of services whose leaders are championing the provision of better value through increased productivity, and better health outcomes for people.

Reform’s research examines how technological transformation, local health and care commissioning and workforce reform can create an adaptive and sustainable NHS and social care, capable of delivering integrated models of care to meet our changing and rapidly ageing society.


31st July 2018

Reform submission: LSE-Lancet Commission’s inquiry ‘The Future of the NHS’

The 70th birthday year for the NHS comes at a defining moment. The health service faces some of the most major challenges of its time but also great opportunities to fundamentally change the traditional model of care. Reform thinks that bold, new reform will transform the NHS into a more innovative, efficient and higher quality service.


Reform statement: NHS cancer screening review announcement

Commenting on NHS England’s announcement, Andrew Haldenby, Director of Reform think tank, which recently published a report calling for the better use and collection of data in cancer screening and care, said:

“Breast cancer screening already prevents approximately 1,300 deaths a year. Better use of NHS data should mean that even more people are screened for cancer, particularly those on low incomes. It would also improve accuracy when coupled with new technology, reducing the number of cancers that are currently missed in screenings.”